Body Language in Business

What is your body saying?

Learn about your body language & non-verbal communication.

The Body Language Workshop

Using advanced theatre techniques, it is possible to discover how we communicate & develop awareness of our body language and posture. This is one of the keys when meeting new clients and giving presentations. No matter what we say, our body tells the truth. If we lack confidence, people can see it through body gesture & movement.

Vicky WrightAs a specialist in body posture, my career has diversified. I originally trained as a Postural Therapist & later came across powerful methods for training actors and performers to open up their potential on stage.

They come from the theatre work developed by Jacques Lecoq. After training for 3 years in this work & developing personally as a performer, dancer & martial artist, I bring my knowledge of the body to support individuals find their potential.

One of the main secret training tools that Jacques Lecoq used was the Neutral Mask. This is a very famous leather mask that is able to show what someone is communicating via their posture.Theatre

In this workshop you will discover:

  • What your body posture is communicating to others
  • Ways to build confidence when presenting material
  • A deeper understanding of what your clients are communicating

“This is an incredible approach which unfolds the world before your eyes”- Cara Verkerk

“Combining these modalities, this approach is at the frontier of understanding body language & human interaction”- Ruth Weston, Lawyer

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