Restorative Postures for relaxation

Here are 3 simple ways to help release and support your body, focusing on:

  • easing lower back pain
  • relieving compression in the neck
  • opening the chest


1) Releasing the Pelvis

This can help ease lower back pain and re-balance the pelvis.

Time: 5 mins

What you’ll need: A chair which is a similar height to your knees.

What you’ll do: Lie down on the floor & bring your lower legs up to rest on the chair seat. Make sure you have a right angle between lower leg & upper leg, and your knees are directly above the pelvis.

After a few minutes, the natural effect of gravity gently relaxes the pelvis. Recommended time 5 -15 mins.


2) Relieving compression in the neck

This a wonderful gentle stretch for relieving tension at the top of the neck. You may have been working hard at a computer for a number of hours or be suffering from a mild headache, by creating gentle pressure from a tightly rolled towel and the natural weight of gravity, you can elongate and help release this area to restore balance & calm.

Time: 5-10mins

What you’ll need: A tightly rolled towel (approximately 5cm in diameter)

What you’ll do: Lie down on a yoga mat or a clean hard floor. Bring your knees up, with feet on the floor, so that your lower back is supported. (An alternative is to support your knees with pillows).

Lift your head, bring your chin towards your chest (this helps lengthen the back of the neck) and place the rolled towel under the base of your skull (where the back of your head meets the top of your neck).

Sometimes this area can feel tight and slightly tender. Let your head rest and gently release over a number of minutes. It is important for the towel to be rolled tight so that it provides gentle but firm pressure. You may like to adjust it as your neck lengthens.

If you feel a sharp pain at any time, please consult your Doctor.


 3) Opening the chest



Time: 10-15mins

What you’ll need: A towel rolled length ways (approximately 5cm in diameter and 0.8m in length).

What you’ll do: Lie down on a yoga mat, with your knees raised and feet on the floor. Place the rolled towel underneath your spine (from the tail bone to the neck). Lower your weight down on to the rolled towel, making sure that it supports and runs along the spine.

It will bring gentle pressure along the spine and raise it. The shoulders & sides of the torso relax down to the floor with the weight of gravity, creating a slight opening in the chest and front of the body. This is good for gently increasing breath and calming anxiety.

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