Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher

If you want to give that special someone the gift of relaxation, health and well-being over Christmas.

Gift vouchers are available for sessions of:

Craniosacral Therapy – £70

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration – £100

Special Christmas bundles of 3 sessions of Structural Integration (£275) and 5 sessions Craniosacral Therapy (£310) are also treats for this year’s stocking.

Structural Integration, a deep-tissue bodywork, works along the myo-fascial planes of the body, to bring alignment and ease of movement. This specialist treatment is ideal for sportsmen and women, supporting injury rehabilitation and increasing flexibility.

Craniosacral Therapy has the light touch magic to deep rest and renewal, allowing the body to recharge and restore the natural rhythms for mind, body and spirit.

Each gift voucher comes beautifully wrapped, with additional information on the treatment, booking times & clinic location.Craniosacral Therapy

To order a gift voucher, please fill out the form and email it to

Upon receipt of payment, the beautiful voucher will be sent to your requested address. An additional hand-written note can be added upon request.

The last orders for Christmas are midnight Wednesday 20th.

If you have any specific requests and queries, or would like advice on what might suit them best, please call ahead on 07779854957 and I will be happy to answer your questions.