About Vicky

VickyWith a background in dance, martial arts and yoga, Vicky first trained in Structural Integration in 2008. Working as a practitioner she began to see the changes possible through strengthening and re-balancing the body.

“Through a journey of exploring and listening, our bodies show incredible plasticity & adaptation. I bring my knowledge of the body and create a space of support for the natural unwinding process of renewal and recovery to take place.”

Discovering the light-touch approach of Craniosacral Therapy and its profound effects on settling the nervous system, she extended her practice in this field.

CraniosacralGently working with the natural rhythms and fluid cycles in the body, her sensitive and grounding touch provides a safe environment to deeply let go. This gives space for shock held within the body to settle and the natural self-regulating mechanisms of homeostasis to return.

As a Craniosacral Therapist she works with the charity Veteran Outreach Support helping ex-service men and women with PTSD.