Happy Clients

Structural Integration (Rolf Method)

“After suffering with severe back pain for over 15 years caused by a herniated disk, I had stopped almost all physical activity.  I had heard that Structural Integration was going to hurt, but I found it exhilaratingly not painful at all. Vicky was wonderful. Each week I felt more and more comfortable with my body.

What I found great about Structural Integration was the bliss of hands on therapy and guided self awareness it brought about. So, thanks Vicky and thanks to Ida Rolf for an intelligent path to recovery.”

– Charles L, Graphic Designer

“The subtlety of Vicky’s touch, combined with her breadth of knowledge allows her to work at a very deep level. After each session I found myself moving more gracefully and powerfully, and with much less tension than ever before.”

– David P, Circus Artist & Performer

I was looking for the possibility of experiencing more ease, freedom and flexibility in my body. I found Vicky’s work to be deep and subtle without being painful. Her approach was very considerate and caring, working with the whole person rather than trying to ‘fix’ a part.

After the sessions I felt a great sense of well-being, with lightness and a freedom of movement. I recommend Vicky’s work very highly.”

– John U, Teacher of Alexander Technique

“Over the years I had picked up my supply of ankle, knee and lower back injuries. In the sessions, I experienced gentle manipulation releases of tension. The effect of would ripple throughout the surrounding tissues and occasionally, old memories would surface. At the end of each session when I stood up my body felt more at ease. I had not realised how simply standing on my feet could be so different.

All those aches and pains have disappeared and my pelvis is now properly aligned. There is a sense of flow throughout my body which has increased with time. My weight is now evenly balanced down each leg (I had been standing lopsided) and I have more energy and more flexibility from my hip area. All in all, I feel more integrated and settled within my body and myself. Fabulous”

– Marion, Self-employed

“At the end of the 10 series of sessions I felt focused & more energised. I felt I was walking taller.”

– Stephen, Bowen Therapist

“I was excited to discover that this therapy could potentially improve my flexibility. My most noticeable improvements have been in the neck and shoulder area and my posture is the best it’s ever been”

– Peter L., Self-employed

Craniosacral Therapy

“Absolutely love my sessions with Vicky! I hadn’t had Craniosacral Therapy before, but her sessions are so healing, nourishing and re-balancing for both body and mind.

I had accumulated a few stress-related symptoms when I first came to see her, both physical & emotional stress, which completely subsided after each session. I felt calmer, more balanced and was able to sleep uninterupted through the night again for days afterwards. I would highly recommend Vicky’s sessions for anyone in need of a physical, mental or spiritual recharge.”

– Gabi F., Actress

“I highly recommend Craniosacral sessions with Vicky, I found them very calming and they help me with my digestive system.”

– Heike K., Chi Gung Teacher

“Craniosacral therapy with Vicky helped me to settle after a period of high pressure including the passing of a close friend. Vicky gave me the space, physically and somehow mentally too. It took time – it wasn’t an overnight switch – but so worth it. I feel stronger for coming through it the other end, with the help of Vicky’s open, considerate and gentle touch. Thank you.”

– Madeleine B., Mother & Therapist