Paul’s Cancer Support Centre

Craniosacral Therapy at Paul’s

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Paul’s Cancer Support Centre is a charity based in Battersea, London which provides free support for those affected by cancer.

Offering a range of complementary therapies and activities, it supports individuals along their journey, bringing people together, offering help and advice, and supporting physical wellbeing and recovery.

As part of the team of Complementary Therapists, Craniosacral therapy is highly effective in helping the body restore its natural rhythms through this light touch and non-invasive approach. Quite commonly, a body response when dealing with large physiological changes (whether it be through chemotherapy or surgery) is to reach a heightened state of alert or activation, with an inability to fully rest or sleep deeply. This relates to the nervous system and its process of shock. One of the main uses of Craniosacral Therapy in an oncology setting is allowing the system to de-activate and  re-access the natural recharge and rest for recovery.

Pauls.pngIf you know someone effected by cancer in the London area, please do pass on information about Paul’s Cancer Support, they are a wonderful charity doing great work.