Upward Gravity

So often we are aware when we stand of a downward force, the weight of our body going down into the earth. But beneath this downward force, there is another contact force coming up.

A moment of exploration

Structural blocksIf you are curious on this take a moment, it maybe sitting on a chair or standing, to focus on the weight going down and the area of contact.

You may feel a sensation of weight down, but what if at that same contact point, the earth is pushing up? Keep breathing (you may feel yourself sink slightly).

Keep focusing on that sensation and rocking gently from side to side see if that upward force begins flows up through your body.You may be drawn to notice certain areas, it might flow easier through one side than the others.

This little mind exploration can be done anywhere (sitting, standing, lying down or downward dog) and is a great tool for allowing the body to naturally re-charge.