How we develop neck pain

Xray computer pic

It’s that moment, totally engrossed in a project at work, that without you really noticing it a gradual tightness creeps into your neck.

Focused on getting the project out, you override the short-term ache, but are left at the end of the day with stiffness in your neck and irritability. A few projects later, and from nowhere you develop a cracking headache.  What to do, other than take a paracetamol and keep on going?

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Why I love Craniosacral


“Craniosacral what?”

I came across Craniosacral Therapy 9 years ago now. Working as a Physical Therapist in Oxford, I would cross over with clients leaving their sessions in a deep state of relaxation which you could almost tangibly feel in the air. Out of all the complementary therapies, this seemed to be the one with a disproportionate impact. How could such a light touch approach bring such successful results?

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Our relationship to pain

“Ouch that hurt!”

When sitting in the dentist’s chair earlier this week getting my braces adjusted, the twisting and tightening of the wire sent a wave of pain/intense sensation up from the top incisor teeth through the maxilla and front of the face.

In that moment of having pain “done to you”, I found actively pushing into the pressure counter-intuitively reduced the pain.

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