The Back-Line

Here’s a little trick to discover how inter-connected our bodies can really be and how a restriction in your foot can lead all the way up to neck pain and vice versa.

Our muscles are not just individual but are interconnected with one another to form functional planes of movement. Below is a beautiful picture from Tom Myers’ “Anatomy Trains” which illustrates “the back line”. This is a continuous plane running from the bottom of the feet, up the back of the body & curling over to the forehead.

Yoga forward bend

This back line is stretched out when we bend to touch our toes.

A great little trick if you have 5 minutes and a tennis ball is:

– Bend forward to touch your toes
– See how far you can go
– Roll the bottom of each foot on a tennis ball (2-3mins)
– Bend a second time and check out the difference!

By releasing the plantar fascia on the bottom of the feet, there is an elongation along the whole tissue layer. You may even feel taller with more length coming up the back.