How we stand, is how we think.

Body/Mind Connection
I first became aware of the bodymind connection in the early days of studying Structural Integration. The work of Ken Dychtwald (BodyMind) is a great introduction to this, with other studies from Mabel Todd (The Thinking Body), Wilhelm Reich (Character Analysis), & Dr. Rolf (Rolfing & Physical Reality).

Body Structure
Looking at the structural blocks of our bodies, there is a variance in structural organisation. Through bodywork or simple movement exercises we can explore and get to know these patterns.


It is possible to take it one step further and see the vector of movement acting on the body as a whole.

Structural Vectors.png

The space of our imagination
What we paint on a blank canvas, the space of our imagination, directly relates to the structural organisation of our body. Interestingly artists who have gone through the 10 Series of Structural Integration commonly experience key shifts in their style of art and expression as their body changes.

In physical theatre, there is a tool called the Neutral Mask that helps develop physicality in actors. In this area of work, there is a journey through different imagined natural landscapes. For instance the performer maybe asked to “wake up in the savannah, travel through a forest and reach the sea”. Inspired from the of Giovanni Fusetti and his approach in theatre and body analysis, fascinatingly  the type of landscapes that performers create directly relate to the vector of movement in the body.