Exploring our physicality & perception

BODYMIND – by Ken Dychtwald

Written in 1977, this is an incredible collection of information working through the body, exploring the mind-body connections from numerous disciplines. He writes in the preface:

“During the six years I spent researching this book, I set out to explore the bodymind from a variety of perspectives. My intention was to blend my own findings and observations with the discoveries of several of the pioneers in this field, such as Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, William Schultz, Ida Rolf, Moshe Feldenkrais, Fritz Perls, Stanley Keleman and Hector Prestera, and with several of the yoga disciplines in order to articulate a definite yet simple system of bodymind reading and mapping.”

Body Mind BookThis he certainly does. In fact it was reading this book, which inspired me to study Structural Integration (as he includes some of his own experiences as a student and practitioner).

Separated into chapters for different parts of the body, he methodically explores the connections between physical form & life patterns. How patterns in the feet can relate to stability within life, the balance of right & left & links to personality, tendencies in character & emotion relating into specific tension patterns in the body.

It is an eye-opening book to understand the incredible connections between our physical form and the way we perceive and experience the world.

For those curious, it is easily available on Amazon.