Pain Free


Dr. Ida Rolf put an emphasis on the importance of body structure, where others such as Moshe Feldenkrais emphasised its function.

In essence, both are true and inextricably link.

In this book, Peter Egoscue has developed an incredibly comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to restore health through gentle exercises. Explaining the essentials to posture and the variations between us in body structure, he details simple, supportive and gentle exercises to balance and re-strengthen the body over time to relieve chronic pain.

He gives clear directions to align and strengthen, using function and the way we move to re-balance body structure.

Discovering this book was an eye-opener, with all of his recommendations and observations re-iterating the principles & biomechanics I first learnt in Structural Integration. This book has been a great resource for many clients, further supporting their process of change and recovery.

It requires discipline and commitment, but can be a wonderful method in helping maintain good health & stability.

Here’s a link to the book, with more information on website and twitter.

Twitter: @PeteEgoscue